Nasal Contouring and Reshaping

This  plastic surgery procedure according to Dr Stephen Weiland located at is designed to contour the nose by either reducing or increasing the size of the nose, changing the shape of the tip or the bridge. It may also correct a birth defect or help with some breathing issues. Rhinoplasty is usually performed on an outpatient basis and takes the doctor about one to two hours to perform, however more complicated procedures take longer. contemplating rhinoplasty

Even the slightest changes made to the nose can greatly affect its appearance and function. That is
why it is important to find a plastic surgeon qualified in performing rhinoplasty. If you are considering rhinoplasty , contact an office and schedule a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon

During your consultation, the surgeon can examine the current state of your nose, listen to your reasons for wanting surgery, as well as listen to your goals and expectations. Patients must remember that cosmetic surgery is designed for improvement, not perfection. The doctor like Dr Stephen Weiland at can also explain your options

3 procedures

Botox: Botox is one of the most popular injectibles for men from the mid 30’s through the 60’s. Botox allows for the significant reduction in wrinkles on the forehead, crows feet and between the eyebrows. Botox offer temporary relief from facial wrinkles for 3 to 6 months. Men often do not mind returning for maintenance injections because the cost is reasonable and there is no down time associated with the injections.

plastic surgery

Eye Lid Surgery: Eye lid surgery is one of the more likely plastic surgery procedures for men in their late 30’s to 60’s. This procedure may involve the upper or lower eye lid or both eye lids to remove excess, saggy skin, fat and puffiness. For $4000.00 or more, men can achieve results that may provide a lifetime of improvement from aging eyes.

Liposuction: Liposuction is one of the most highly requested procedures among men. The areas that are common for men to have liposuction-ed are the hips and back. The beauty of the treatment is that there are a variety of techniques available to meet the needs of most any man at a reasonable cost. Though the results can change with weight gain or loss, most men are satisfied with the results of the procedure for many years to come.